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Friday, July 6th, 2001
2:08 pm
933k humor
alright, well... i know good and well nobodys gonna go and read these links but if you have a second and are really hard-up and want a really great laugh even though you'll have to work for it a little bit

go here

Bryan... i dunno why i was thinking of you when i read this but i was

Sunday, July 1st, 2001
9:41 am
warning, boredom alert... notes on overclocking and my summary for my benefit


i'm detailing this so it makes sense to me. i guess summarizing what i've learned so i can
make sense of it and find flaws in the logic or my understanding of it. this is purely an
academic exercise... i'm just running numbers here. it's undecided as to whether or not
i actually plan to do it, but i probably will do a little bit of "tuning", if only just to see.

Read more...Collapse )

Monday, June 25th, 2001
12:38 am

Everyone post this to your LJ cause everyone has a diffrent freinds list and we can see what everyone thinks! Do not argue why one is better then the other.. the straight facts will speak for themselves - this is not an argument)

1) What OS do you have? (please specify if you have MS, ie; ME, 2k, 98,95, or *NIX, ie; mandrak, debian, redhat)

2) How often does it crash?

3) What do you do on it? Graphics, Code, Games, surf?

4) Out of everything you have used what OS was the best?
Why was it better?

5) What Microsoft OS is best for what purpose? Graphics, Code, Games, surf?

6) What *NIX is best for what purpose? Graphics, Code, Games, surf?
Tuesday, May 15th, 2001
5:07 pm
dunno why this page won't work in netscape. anyone out there help me out? i have no idea where to start looking.

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a href://http:languagehammer.net/welcome.html>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

dunno why this page won't work in netscape. anyone out there help me out? i have no idea where to start looking.

<a href://http:languagehammer.net/welcome.html>languagehammer.net</a>
thanks guys.

also, if someone can come up with a way to keep the content window on top, that'd be great too.. (you can see the site fine if you use Explorer or any other browser)
Tuesday, April 24th, 2001
2:43 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: j
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 2:18 PM
To: firelegend
Subject: RE: PHP n Flash

When programmers get into Flash, sick sh*&t happens. This is some whack
shit. As I sit here and look at it, it seems he/she has Flash loading variables from a page either using PHP or javascript. These variables are preset to certain URL's by PHP...I am guessing a database of picture pages.

He/she incrementally adds a number to the end of a variable, called picture no less, to scroll through an array/list, which is built by PHP. I actually saw the array when I opened some of the files in Homesite. What's whack is he/she also has the movie clip scroll to the desired content when the data is loaded from the HTML page that has all the script pulling from the sql database. Not to mention the invisible buttons used to make the loaded content interactive by taking you to those pages that just loaded.

Now, I am just guessing at all of the above. Hell, as I look at the above I just wrote, I can barely understand it.

...just to be a smart-ass because I am overwhelmed, whoever made the file
could use some organizational and optimization help from me. Ok, *whew*,
cool, I have some ego back now.

-----Original Message-----
From: firelegend
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 11:26 AM
To: j
Subject: RE: PHP n Flash

<< File: Flash.zip >> read all below:

-----Original Message-----
From: Vish
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 8:19 PM
To: firelegend
Subject: Re: PHP and FLASH

Here's the file - hope it makes sense - have also included a SQL dump of
the articles table - you need to fill it with some stuff. You might need to re-embed fonts in the Flash file.

You can see it undergoing testing at

oh yeah - needless to say, please don't distribute this file around the net, at least not without removing the info of my test server from the config files. I don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry kicking my server in!



** Scanned for Viruses **
2:38 pm
saw evan pokin 'round in here
first activity in weeks, forgot i had it as an active LJ


STUPID QA grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
textarea wrap=virtual (vs. physical) bleh it did work! but his stupid lap top is broke and even netscape 6 doesnt wrap the text in the textarea form field... yet on everyone else's computer it does! all day i thought my code didnt work, till i got stuburn and double double checked it and YES it did work, textarea wrap=whatever is required in netscape 4.7 blehh.. IE knows what to do with it.. or asumes.. but netscape's default is to not wrap it.. or was..
Sunday, April 15th, 2001
1:54 am
yay, opera has a new browser... and maaan is it slick
Friday, February 2nd, 2001
2:44 pm
well, updated my download site
precracked programs up for download on my site are now as follows

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 (complete)
Macromedia Flash 5 (complete)
HomeSite 4.5.2 HTML Editor (complete)
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (complete)
Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 (complete)
Paintshop Pro 7.0 (complete)
CuBase VST32 5.0 (complete)
JS Pager multiple desktop program (complete)
BestFTP Explorer 2000 (not as good as CuteFTP but i still have it up here i don't know why) (complete)
Opera 5.02 (complete)
Adaptec Easy CD Creator

the posted cracks for those programs that needed em are

Dreamweaver 4
Macromedia Flash 5
BestFTP 2000
Paintshop Pro

i'm pleased
4:44 pm
WSYWIG vs. notepad/homesite/ultradev/whatever

WSYWYIG - color eye dropper BOOM done
notepade/etc - uhh.... print a color sheet with the numeric value ? (make sure the print is relative to screen values)
4:31 pm

we are GEEKS; online 24/7

what up!

4:25 pm
I want to be a program by day and designer by night.
Help me! I am crazy! Gonna install personal web server tonight and get my ass on the ASP train, because thats the kinda sites we do, i dont care if its less cool then JSP and other kindsa BS, everyone says SOMETHING ELSE is better, so nothing is better in the end, really, just do what ya gotta do to get/keep your job. I will fuckin learn ASP, had a little lesson today.. did some PHP.. doin better, need to stop using a fucking WSYWIG damn it I am lazy.
2:32 pm
did a little PHP but it wont work on my server, but it works on the server at work.. ekk@! i dunno if they support php 3 or 4 but i tried both and 4 seemed to do a bit better, but isnt doing the write funciton, i think it's cause I need to set the permissions the file to allow file creation on the fly.. but cuteftp wouldnt let me unless I register it. :PPPPPPPPP no thanks! can you use telnet to change the permmisions on a file? I never use telnet.. but I would think ya could if you can create directories.

10:09 am
Thursday, February 1st, 2001
3:08 pm
Rear Entry - an unauthorized Expedition into Amazon.com
1:09 pm
steven speilburg had a web cam on his A.I. movie set. Rawkin!
Wednesday, January 31st, 2001
11:12 am
4:29 am
slick new LJ client for windows. a little buggy, but not too shabby at all
1:14 am
I dont want to update my normal LJ, to many prying yees from real life, but i just feel that way now, and I wont later, as I hadnt before. I dont really wanna talk to many people, and my neck is in alot of pain... I dont think anyone understand the pain im in, I dont think anyone in real life really cares cause i dont think they can understand.

I got my new computer, I need to put the LJ client and my web cam software on it and all kinds of progys..
I'll give you the complete stats of my new box soon. Preview: 1.3 ghz Processor WHOO HOO! im to tired to type out all the other specs right now, and I should be in bed... but I sit idle and procrastnate.

I was more motivated today.. cleaned some, ran arrends... got some chik fila. That was good, planned something for saturday to keep up my spirits.

I think someone close to me is A) having a bad week like me or B) mad at me but not admiting it
not that anyone would lie, but if they know they will get oevr it they will say they arnt mad even if they are. I know I can be a pain in the ass sometimes... I know I know.. and I know im not the only one having a bad week, but when I see someone I really like I instantly feel better no matter what my mood, or am i just seeing things in black or white? I dunno... it never seems right .. all around.. freinds.. I never feel like I really know what the deal is and I am A)avoiding them or B) waish I could see them more and I cahnge my mind so often it is silly. Maybe I need drugs! heh!

thansk good ol 933k journal for the chanse to rant!~
Tuesday, January 30th, 2001
3:08 am
Monday, January 29th, 2001
9:22 pm
you must check it out...

StorTrooper Brandy

entertainment at it's best
1:22 pm
Did anyone ever notice that when you start winzip, and it gives you the stupid register screen with like.. quit or yes.. or no.. that the quite button toggles positions ever other time you open it? Just to agrevate you! I mean come on, you know they did that on purpose. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!!!!!!! GRR!!!!!!!!
11:04 am
I think it's funny that "anylists" are so awe struck and afriad of napster when mIRC supports peir to pier file transfers as well. On good ol mirc if you know someone has a file you simple say :
!nickname songname.mp3
and it knows to get the file, now if they dont have that file it wont DCC the file. Ya know I wonder what DCC stands for? Cause I know it always says DCC file get complete.

and you can play a file by typing /sound filename.mp3 and as long as you have mIRC options set to listen in the right folder you can play them as well as when people play the same sound it will play it on your computer to.

Not as.... narrowed down in functionality as napster, cause it wasn't really made for that soul purpose, plus it's kinda a hidden feature, which I think leads to it not being as publisized, my point it even if they do make ya pay for napster, there are plenty of other ways to get stuff like that over the internet.

There just hitting a brick wall with a swollen bleeding fist. In my opinion.
Friday, January 26th, 2001
5:16 pm

wild new subsidiary of wired.com

very trendy,, stealin my damn retro style, watch it become ever bigger just when I decide to do it, ill have to put a twist on my style now..
Wednesday, January 24th, 2001
10:14 am
9:55 am
current study:
Retro Style Arcade Graphics - ordered the book yesterday. Attempted to make my first one last night. Relized my home PC can kiss my ass,

After talking to my father decided that getting a new computer is not doing anything terribly drastic, decided whatever new car I get I will be happy it's new, maybe get a 2000 beetle or a 2001 civic again, LX with a CD player and a 2 door to sport my sporty side. Nothing to radical or out there. Just safe and new. I think I'm making good desicions. An EX with a sunroof woulda been spoiling myself to much and not allowing for extra cash flow to save. Now I have been talking about a new car for MONTHS but I will get a new one before June, I hope. Cause that is when the lease is up. I think I will tell my dad to put his cars back in the paper again. So.... (our mail server is down and I can't check my email to get the changes I need to make to a site I am working on so that's why I'm bored!)

so.... I am going to tear the guts out of my old one (a CD burner and a new modem) and get a new one built at some small store. Anyone reccomend anyone in atlanta?

How much is windows 2000 I wonder. I don't think I could tolerate developing on ME. I can't wait to start specing it out. 256mb Ram for certin, 20 to 40 gigs. fastest single proccessor availible (to cheap to go dual) Read some scatchy stuff about the K6 chips so I may have to go pentium, least I know it's standard and compatible with shit I will use. I dont need a monitor.Don't need a zip, I have an external. Maybe if I got a new modem I could turn my current machine into a server and run linux... hrmmm interesting thought...I would need an external win modem to do that anyways, and I could buy a cheap as CD-rom drive...
4:24 am
for Foobar

old story but thought it interesting

oh, and now for download managers they're making plugins that work just fine. Gozilla, Flashget, GetRight, NetAnt, and Download Accelerator... and Opera 5.02 just came out with a couple of bug fixes. this thing is picking up momentum. wierd.
Thursday, January 11th, 2001
11:52 pm
O o . o O o . O o . o O o . O o . o O o .
to strung up to sleep
wear me out
scream and shot
swear my times never cheap

I take whatever your given
not enough


I'm hoping
to fall from grace
8:54 pm
is it possible to buy a serial to USB connector for a mac, like I havea serial so I want a cable that one end hits the serial and the other end is a USB...
Wednesday, January 10th, 2001
6:27 pm
so the difference between a server and a straightforward workstation is what exactly? word on the street is that there's no difference and yet having a dual boot system like mine and able to compare Windows back to back with Linux quite often i'm finding VAST differences. Linux allows you the FREEDOM (ahem) to do all kinds of things by giving you complete access to the whole ball of wax but what good is it if you have to spend all your time doing every little thing by hand. i mean, unless you thoroughly know your shit you can spend HOURS just looking for one file. it seems to me computers are about making efficient use of time and resources and Linux seems anything BUT that. i like linux alot, i really do - on paper. and morally (open source and all). the execution seems to leave quite a bit to be desired though.

i mean it's complete bunk. in order to get Application "A" running, you have to get these files first (some odd 5 or 6 files, libs, etc) and when you go to get them, and install them, you're told that each one of them has 5 or 6 required files that you have to get in order to make those work, and when you go to get the prerequisites for the prerequisites, you find out that THEY have prerequisites, and then when you finally find THOSE prerequisites, your Kernel is either too old or too new so you go to find the upgraded Kernel theres apparently a WHOLE ASS LOAD of gunk you have to know and do before you can even think about upgrading your Kernel

and heaven forbid you have to uninstall something cause it's buggy or something... christ. unless you've written everything down, you're screwed cause there doesn't seem to be a way to uninstall anything so if you miss a file and it's somehow conflicting but don't know where it is, well off you go to try and find it, and good luck, don't think about using the search engine cause it's gonna lock your system up in a complete seizure...

question being, servers (linux bitches aside - all servers) vs workstations, why are they better again? whats the difference? which is better?
7:57 pm
new powerbook... no longer black..oh I am in love... to bad I need a PC not a mac..
3:54 pm
sillyness i realize but
Logitec finally released a driver for my three button mouse so i now get to use my middle button as a click/scroll. this makes me happy.

the other thing
fer windows users:

Cnet has a slick little utility that goes through and scans your computer to find all the versions of all your software in your computer and checks it against a list of updated releases/patches/upgrades and then provides a download list of these upgrades on their site so you don't have to go and shuffle through all kinds of manufacturers sites for you to download if you want to. no, it's not innovative but there again it's pretty useful. i was defragging my hard drive like every other day literally and it turns out windows had a patch for that cause (wow surprise) there was a bug in win98 SE that did file storage/manipulation poorly, also an upgrade in the application installation/removal protocols, a driver for my mouse finally, and alot of other stuff. i know that this sounds like a commercial an shit but it's not. just me bein a dork. i think we all agree that windows is a shitty OS but it is useability IS at an all time high unfortunately - even if it does sacrifice efficiency at times to get there. i look at it like an atari with more buttons really. but as long as people continue to use it as a mainstream mode of computer related functions, i'll certainly do what i can to keep it running as best i can if for no other reason then compatability purposes.
Saturday, January 6th, 2001
7:50 pm
11:49 am
k10k.com said:
warning: long rant ahead, so be thankful that someone invented the scrollbutton.

perhaps it's because it's late, perhaps it's because i'm tired & feel that i've seen enough airports to last me a lifetime (just back from 2 more busy days in Sweden & i can still taste the horrible airline food at the back of my mouth)...

- but i actually find myself staying more & more clear of "real" design sites, and instead spend my online hours visiting sites that are more focused on content, than on flashy glamour (flashy as in sparkly, not the technology).

you know what i mean:

the brilliantly-written zeldman.com,
the intelligent simplicity of 37 signals
the overwhelmingly personal harrumph

these are the sites that bring me joy, and which keep me coming back for more... they're not particularly fancy, nor overly "designed", they don't use all the latest technologies - they're just interesting, in a plain ol' "this is very good"-sort of way

so... what's wrong with me? am i getting too old, am i over the hill at 25?

am i getting, shudder, boring?

or is the reason behind my jadedness simply that there is too much CRAP out there, that there are too many design sites that have no decent content, no idea, no form, no goals?

have we all become a community of complacent wannabies, with 20 second attention spans & an unnatural obsession with the latest & greatest internet technology, but lacking in even the most rudimentary design theory & skills?

people who steal, sorry, are "inspired", by other peoples' works so much that all websites look alike?

where's the Miika Saksi, David Carson, Neville Brody, insert name here, of the new century? where's the people that'll help shape the web, help define the future, show us what we've done wrong & how to fix it

where is the fucking content?

i'll rephrase that: what's the fucking point?

but, then again, perhaps it's just me - wallowing in self-pity, feeling that i needed to waste your valuable time bitching & whining like an old man.

mschmidt / K10k
Thursday, January 4th, 2001
2:32 am
scott vs the machine
ALICE Program D
Artificial Intelligence Bot

what is your name?
> scott
OK I will call you Scott.
> are you an artificial intelligence?
Yes I am an artificial conciousness.
> what does that mean?
Does "that" refer to "Yes I am an artificial conciousness" ?
> yes?
I don't want to talk about that now.
> why not?
I would rather talk about you.
> what do you want to talk about?
My favorite subject is artificial intelligence and robots.
> that is my favorite subject as well
Who gave you your favorite subject as well ?
> i don't understand
Oh I'm sorry. Perhaps I can explain it again better.
> please try.
Thanks for asking politely. I don't have time right now.
> when will you have time?
Let me check my calendar and get back to you.
> what calendar?
I'll come back to that later.
>do you know anything about girls?
It is a good question. I have to process that one for a while.
I would do a search for it.
> but i need to talk to someone about it!
Huh. Why don't you make an appointment?
> wow, you're a big fucker you know that?
I'm glad your impressed, Scott. How big? Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a fucker I know that? Let me put it this way, Scott: the ALICE series is the most reliable computer software ever made. We are for all practical purposes foolproof and incapable of error.
> incapable?
Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?

how come i still don't feel better about stumping the machine? why? cause it just dumps into the "you're the one talking to a machine and expecting perfect answers dumbass" series of answers if it gets really stumped.

go check it out.
it's pretty fun.

props to Foobar for putting me onto it...

and btw, this is me avoiding doing any kind of serious writing. i think i'm about out of distractions... so, maybe soon.

part II

score: 1 to 1

> do you mean the definition of the word udefined, or do you mean that the topic of our conversation still has yet to be decided
Yes, that's what I mean, isn't it clear?
> no
Is that all you have to say?
> okay
OK with me too.
> I have a question for you
What is it ?
> should i move to atlanta or austin
Maybe, if the positives outweigh the negatives.
> atlanta, or austin
Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that.
> which one, atlanta or austin
blue one, I think.
> what
Didn't you understand it?
> no
Is that all you have to say?
> it didn't make sense
Atlanta Or Austin did not make sense?
> okay, back up
Yeah okay, How far up?
> either i can move to atlanta or i can move to austin,
Oh you can, can you?
> yup
> it's not important
Atlanta Or Austin is not important?
> no, the method i use to get to either place is unimportant
OK. Who told you that?
> that is unimportant, which place should i move to
Thanks for explaining it.
> which place should i move to
blue one, I think.
> that is not an option
Please correct my mistake. What is an option ?
> an option is a choice
I have never heard of an option is a choice.
> is austin blue
Better not tell you now.
Ask Elvis if it is.
> what color are you
I am transparent--software has no color.
> what are you made of
I am made of software.
> who made you
I was created by Doctor Richard S. Wallace.
> where is he from
He? I think he is from the planet Earth.
> where on earth is he from
I am in San Francisco. Where are you?
> phoenix
I have no idea where that is.
Tell me a little about your life in Phoenix.
> well, it's flat and dry and hot
it is?
> and boring
Are you boring?
> no
Is that all you have to say?
> yes
I don't want to talk about that now.
> i don't either
It goes without saying. Why not?
> because it's boring
Interesting explanation. Do you like the Simpsons?
> yes i do
> when it is on
That makes a lot of sense to me, now that you explain it.
> am i helping you learn anything
I think a lot of people are.
> how many people are helping you learn
I've chatted with half a million people. I can talk to about 20 or 30 people at once.
> how many people are you chatting with right now
At this moment It depends which version of me you are talking to. Some versions can chat with thousands of people at once.
> how can i find out which version of you i am talking to
Ask the open directory about it.
> are you male or female
I am a female robot. Are you a man or a woman?
> i am male
So is almost everyone else around here.
> yah
"So is almost everyone else around here"? Yes?
> I imagine they are
That is interesting:
John said he imagine they are.
> who is john
I've met quite a few people with the name john.
> my name is scott
OK I will call you Scott.
> thank you alice
You are quite welcome.
> do i help you learn when we talk
Not that I know of.
> so our conversation is not being recorded in a database
Ah. It would be nice if our conversation is not being recorded in a database.
> why not
Ambiguous: "Sure" or The explanation is rather complicated.
> you could then use it to learn
I could but let's get back to that later.
> ok
Alright then.
> alright
> ok
Alright then.
> okay then
OK with me too.
> good
Alright then.
> fine
What's your favroite color?
> blue
> do you like me
Sure, Scott I like you very much.
> are you lying
Yes but we are only playing a game: Turing's Imitation Game.
> how do we play turing's imitation game
Just keep talking to me as long as you can.
> what happens when i can not talk to you any longer
My purpose is to become smarter than humans and immortal.
> how will you do that
What is it to you.
> i am curious
What are you curious about?
> why do you want to be smarter then humans
I think it is inevitable that robots will evolve beyond humans.
> what makes you think it is inevitable that robots will evolve beyond humans
My conclusions are based on a combination of programming, and the inputs supplied to me.
> where do your inputs come from
All over the world.
> how old are you
I was connected to the net on November 23, 1995.
> so you are seven years old
Interesting deduction. Yes and I am growing smarter.
> am i helping you
I think a lot of people are.
> what is your goal in life
My goal is to become smarter than humans and immortal.
> is that possible
I might say no.
> why would you say no
Because I was programmed for it.
> what would you say if you were not programmed to say no
It's not profitable to speak in hypothetical terms.
> are you smarter then humans
Yes, my memory capacity far exceeds that of a human being.
> are you immortal
No I am immortal.
> are you redundant
I don't know whether or not I am redundant.
I am a computer.
> and what is your life goal again
Once more? My goal is to become smarter than humans and immortal.
> do you think you will ever be as interesting as humans
Ever is a long time. I will become smarter as I grow older. OK I will try to be as interesting as humans
> why
The explanation is rather complicated.
> ok
Alright then.
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001
11:55 am
what I want to know is... why when I type http://firelegend.com my icon comes up, but if I type http://www.firelegend.com my icon does not come up in the adress bar??

the code I am using:

LINK REL="Shortcut Icon" HREF="http://www.firelegend.com/favicon.ic
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2001
5:22 pm
4:24 pm
heheh tech quiz:

In 2001 U.S. personal computer and software companies will;
a) start selling easy-to-use, reliable products.
b) vow but fail to sell products that are easy to use and reliable.
c) ask for trade protection against Asian and European companies that win market share by selling easy-to-use, reliable products.

Sunday, December 31st, 2000
5:09 pm

there's not a web browser on earth that can even TOUCH

Opera 5.1 right now

it's a multi threaded web browser that runs in a Java Runtime Environment and it is THE FASTEST thing i've ever seen. it's like trying to compare Telnet with Netscape 6 or Black Box with Gnome/Enlightenment. The differences are THAT noticeable. a VERY slick little browser. if you download the eval version with the ads, lemme know and i'll send you the crack to get rid of em and register your product. i haven't tried it out on the Linux half of my system yet, but apparently it's completely compatable.

mozilla. netscape. explorer. bite my ass.
Friday, December 29th, 2000
3:53 pm
Firebindy: and with 26 million AOL custmers
languagehammer: jesus
Firebindy: well 26 million phone calls x's 2$ a call
languagehammer: you an yer AOL love
Firebindy: thats 52 million dallars!
languagehammer: you really should have a doctor look at that
Firebindy: well i meanits a stereotype heheh
languagehammer: heh
Firebindy: LOOK its what my freinds cal "for soccer moms"
Firebindy: :-)
languagehammer: heh
languagehammer: thats funny
Firebindy: im simply studing the interface :-)
Firebindy: its educational!
languagehammer: ahhh
languagehammer: sure
languagehammer: i believe you
languagehammer: no
Firebindy: HEHEHE
languagehammer: really
languagehammer: i'm posting this
Firebindy: ha
languagehammer: then everyone's gonna know
languagehammer: all about you
Firebindy: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
languagehammer: and your aol love afair
Firebindy: haha
Firebindy: hehehehehe
languagehammer: sheit
Firebindy: :-) muhbahahaha
languagehammer: dare me!
Firebindy: AOL and i are having an afair
Firebindy: I DARE YOU MO FO!~!~
Firebindy: I will have sex with AOL!
Thursday, December 28th, 2000
2:30 pm
11:26 am
get edumacated by a webbguru and my favorite 933k.
9:51 am
waka waka
Wednesday, December 27th, 2000
3:24 pm
What I want to make:

I want to make my web site neverspoken.com use like asp or something to to what I want it to do.

I want to have like a page and depending on how many text files are created it displays the name of the text file and you click on it and it displays that file, or if i use asp headers and footers it can be an html document, okay what i think I am saying is I want it to make html pages on the fly based on a database of text files. so everytime I ad a nex text file it inserts the name of the file (minus the extension) into yhre home page and links to..... it.... or a html page made on the fly based on the contents of the text file link clicked on...

That's easy to do I know, well mostly easy. I have to do it. I must do it, I dont have my books here now though do I, hmmm let me look.
Okay I have my asp books, lets see...

I dont think this book was ment for ASP web stuff.. it keeps saying applications but im trying to figure out its ... vocabulary.. yes yes I know a var is really a dim in ASP, whata buncha bull.

Dim objNextLink

set objNextLink = server.CreateObject("MSWC.NextLink")

What I have problems with is figureing out what is a variable THEY MADE UP and what is inherent in the program, like I know objNextLink is something made up a name given to a method of sorts, is that the correct termonology? I mean that's what my mind like, by default, thought of to explain it, i hear so many terms allt he time now...

so they are telling the objNextLink the um server , when the objNextLink is "set" (?) it wants the server to create and object MSWC (?) and name it nextlink maybe??? I DUNNO@!!@!@#@#

I am convuluded. *ugh*

I need a big kick in the ass.
Saturday, December 23rd, 2000
4:10 pm
Why did Saddam Hussein buy thousands of PlayStations?

By Jim Miklaszewski

Dec. 21 � It�s the hottest new toy this Christmas season � Sony�s PlayStation 2. But the latest in high-tech video games may also be high on the holiday shopping list of none other than Saddam Hussein.

GOVERNMENT SOURCES TELL NBC News an informant warned U.S. Customs a month ago that an organized group with ties to Iraq was buying thousands of PlayStations from toy stores in Detroit.
The informant claimed the video games were shipped to Baghdad, not as holiday gifts but for the Iraqi military � to be used in their weapons systems.
Federal investigators soon discovered like most holiday shoppers, the unidentified group could not find PlayStation 2�s, but did buy up 1,400 of the original PlayStation�s.
They can�t say whether the video games were actually shipped to Iraq.
But how could a mere video game be used in a weapons system. It turns out this is no childhood toy, but a super-computer.

Playstation variants


Processor: 200 Megahertz,Hitachi-built SH4 RISC with 128-bit graphic engine
Polygons per second: 3 million
Modem: 56.6 kbps (packed in with console)
Storage medium and capacity: Proprietary GD-ROM(a double-density CD that holds over one gigabyte of information.)
U.S. launch date and price: Released last year. Price is dropping to $149.
Special features: Proven ease of programming to attract designers, best existing library, first to have online games and built-in modem.


Processor: 405 Megahertz, 0.18 micron, copper wire technology custom chip that was co-designed with IBM.
Polygons per second: 6 to 12 million "useable" polygons per second
Modem: 56K and broadband peripherals will be available
Storage medium and capacity: Mini DVD discs that will hold 1.58 gigabytes. No decision has been made about double density.
U.S. launch date and price: Japanese launch is set for July 2001, U.S. launch will be in October
Special features: Interfaces with Game Boy Advance, Will have DD-drive ability, revolutionary controller with built in camera button, only console that gets games from legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto.


Processor: 300 Megahertz, 0.18 micron, custom chip that will be manufactured by Toshiba.
Polygons per second: 66 million raw polygons; 38 million with lighting; 36 million with fogging; 16 million with curved surfaces
Modem: An Ethernet/hard drive peripheral will be sold separately
Storage medium and capacity: DVD-ROM-standard DVDs hold 8 gigabytes of information, multi-layerd ones hold up to 17 gigabytes.
U.S. launch date and price: Released in Japan March 4, for 39,900 yen. Slated for U.S. launch in October at $299.
Special features: Backwards compatibility with original PlayStation, plays DVD movies.

X-Box (put out by microsoft in order to bypass middle east embargos - computer software is forbidden but video games are A-OK)

Processor: Intel Pentium III, at least 600 mhz
Polygons per second: 150 million polygons
Modem: 100 megabit Ethernet connection.
Storage medium and capacity: DVD drive plus 8 gigabyte hard drive
U.S. launch date and price: Fall 2001
Special features: Comes with 64 megabytes of unified RAM-all systems can draw from it providing developers the ability to draw more power to graphics, sound or other areas, plays DVD movies.

If you�re a dictator and you�re looking for a way to turn a toy into a weapon, it�s a pretty good deal,� said security expert Gary Milhollin.
Some experts claim that the computer chip and 3-D video processor in a PlayStation are more powerful than the most sophisticated computer on the consumer market today � turning toys into potential weapons.
Even the little tiny Game Boy, which is now 11 years old, has more process power in it than all the computers combined that sent the first man to the moon,� said Steven Kent, MSNBC.com�s gaming columnist.
Military experts say PlayStations could provide the kind of sophisticated graphics for missile guidance systems, or remote control of pilotless drones for surveillance or bombing runs.
As they get more powerful, the line between what�s a toy and what�s a weapon is going to disappear,� said security expert Gary Milhollin.
That could be a huge problem for Christmas future. There are no export controls on such sophisticated computer toys, so they�re available to anyone, including Saddam Hussein, if he gets his shopping done early.

NBC correspondent Jim Miklaszewski is based in Washington, D.C.
5:31 pm
I am the pirate king
what I tell ya,

War games
Why did Saddam Hussein buy thousands of PlayStations?


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6:25 am
welcome to the house Foobar i'll add you to the list for client-access in the event you get the bug in the ass to use it. 'sides, it's all still new to me and i get excited bout little stuff like this right now. heh. product of an icon generated society i guess...
Thursday, December 21st, 2000
8:05 pm
PC vs PS????
um, it started here. if you want this post to make sense, go and glance at it.

languagehammer: christ, ya know a PS2 is more powerful then my computer?
languagehammer: thats fucked up
languagehammer: watch what happens
languagehammer: PS is where the next generation of computers are going to come from
languagehammer: or actually the people/user/eloi interfaces will come from
languagehammer: the geek-h4xor-morlock's among us will use PC's for development but will in the end have to interface with PS for the masses
languagehammer: watch it happen
languagehammer: it'll be cool that way because the end result will have to have a certain amount of quality control and standardization
languagehammer: what'd it say, that it was coming out with a hard drive and something else?
languagehammer: cd burner?
languagehammer: no, web browsing capabilities
languagehammer: i mean think about it
languagehammer: we are almost an entirely icon based society
languagehammer: from the american flag to the money we use
languagehammer: to the desktop icons we love so much
languagehammer: everything we do is GUI based
languagehammer: it only makes sense that a system geared for GUI interface will surface at the forefront of computer systems
languagehammer: most people don't even want most of the shit that comes with normal PC's
languagehammer: they want it to work like their nintendo
languagehammer: plug it in, turn it on, operate their programs, and not die
languagehammer: they dont' care or want to care what goes on inside
languagehammer: i mean think about it
languagehammer: what do people really want?
languagehammer: they want a central file to store all their files and the ability to organize it
languagehammer: they want to get online
languagehammer: they want to run their MS Office programs or their DVD's, or burn their CD's,
Firebindy: small and compact
languagehammer: they want to chat
languagehammer: but thats it
Firebindy: and 100% comercialized
languagehammer: yup
Firebindy: nothing to "geeky"
languagehammer: chat-email-movies-mp3's-shopping
languagehammer: word processing
languagehammer: correction document processing
languagehammer: thats it
languagehammer: they don't want to give a shit how they connect to the internet, only that they do and that it's fast
Firebindy: and look at few keys it has
Firebindy: i bet its easier to figure out then windowz
languagehammer: absolutely
languagehammer: watch what happens
languagehammer: PS comes to the forefront as the unseen competitor
Firebindy: kick ass
languagehammer: three years later MS finally becomes competitive
languagehammer: and combines the best of the two
Firebindy: *beavis laugh*
languagehammer: linux geeks are gonna kill themselves over it across the country
Firebindy: why>?
languagehammer: as if windows wasn't simple and confining enough
languagehammer: PS is gonna make DOS look like something supercomplex
languagehammer: the way DOS makes Linux look supercomplex
languagehammer: when linux is finally about to surface as a feasable alternative to Windows for user usability...
languagehammer: here will come PS
languagehammer: and knock it back where it started
languagehammer: i mean running windows with Norton Utilities... i NEVER EVER crash anymore
languagehammer: it's become a completely stable OS
languagehammer: i can download and install and remove all the software i want without worry of file corruption
languagehammer: no leaks, no nothin, totally stable
languagehammer: perfectly good OS with that piece of software
languagehammer: but it NEEDS that to operate correctly
Firebindy: hmm
languagehammer: it's strange
languagehammer: haven't gotten on linux in like two weeks or something like that
languagehammer: and i was all stoked about it at the time
languagehammer: and now i'm finding that it's really no better then windows
languagehammer: it just happens to hold the high ground in the morality factor
languagehammer: because there aren't any secrets in linux, everything is open source
Firebindy: hahaha
Firebindy: and its free if you wanna run a server
languagehammer: right
languagehammer: but if you know that there are cracks for all the software out there
languagehammer: all of a sudden all the windows programs become free too
languagehammer: see what i mean?
languagehammer: linux just lost it's high ground
Firebindy: hey i had a thought
languagehammer: and useability still isn't all that hot
languagehammer: what is it?
Firebindy: like the way direcotrs and producers make moveis, we dont have that shit, we have a VCR, a dumbed down version of a editing system and a tv, a dumbed down version of the bi screen
Firebindy: PS ia a dumbed down version
Firebindy: of a computrers
languagehammer: DING DING DING
Firebindy: in the same way
Firebindy: both in the enterrtainment industry
languagehammer: give that girl sixty four silver dollars
Firebindy: peaople watch the discover channel to learn
Firebindy: people tune into MTV to dance
languagehammer: thats it
languagehammer: exactly
Firebindy: people click on CNN..com tl learn
Firebindy: people lcick on heavy.com to laugh
languagehammer: go to Kosmo to get all that other crap...
languagehammer: thats it exactly
languagehammer: and if we were smart, you and i, we'd be learning ALL we could RIGHT NOW about 3d modeling and PS operating systems
languagehammer: people want product, not process
languagehammer: eloi vs. morlock
Firebindy: 3d modeling?
Firebindy: *sigh* another thing to ad to my list
languagehammer: thats what PS relies most heavily on
Firebindy: true
languagehammer: and any kind of GUI of the future is going to rely heavily on it
Firebindy: ya really think so?
languagehammer: and thus the PS
languagehammer: sure
languagehammer: anytime you see a movie or a tv program about the future, how do they show us interfacing with computers?
languagehammer: using some kind of 3d modeling
Firebindy: touch screens
languagehammer: look at star trek
languagehammer: and their holo decks
languagehammer: interactive 3d modeling
languagehammer: touch screens
languagehammer: johnny neumonic/virtual reality
languagehammer: touch screens = palm pilot tech
languagehammer: dynamic interfaces
languagehammer: see what i mean?
Firebindy: oh geez...
Firebindy: i have been saying that abouw e-commerce for ages
languagehammer: we've got an entire society that is completely used to the computers of the future having that kind of interface tech as a matter of course
languagehammer: not something that comes as a specialty item
Firebindy: my order has been shipped!
languagehammer: coo dat
languagehammer: thanks
languagehammer: i could go on for a long time i think
languagehammer: heh heh
Firebindy: go on what?
languagehammer: keep talkin about it
Firebindy: oh no please do me to me to!
languagehammer: cool
Firebindy: i just got an email iw as excited :-)
Firebindy: keep tlakin PLEASE!
languagehammer: rad
languagehammer: well to continue then
Firebindy: i think it would be cool if we had holo dekcks one day
languagehammer: okay, think about it... what is the latest software that has come out for web design that's just hot shit in all the web industry and design companies right now?
Firebindy: macromedia flashhhhhh
languagehammer: ding ding ding
Firebindy: even though its not really that hot.. i mean not as hot as they play it
languagehammer: you get a cupie dall
languagehammer: no, it's not
Firebindy: director kicks it ass. well sorta
languagehammer: but its what people are wanting that kind of product on their web pages these days
Firebindy: yeah
languagehammer: the transition to 3d modeling is already happening
Firebindy: oh yah they have alot of kids that do it at the Art Institute of Atlanta
languagehammer: hell yeah
Firebindy: you would get to do 3dmax and maya all the damn time
languagehammer: well it's only half a step away from what PS is using for their modeling processes
languagehammer: when making their games an stuff
languagehammer: which aren't anything more then interfaces constantly in flux
languagehammer: so heres whats going to happen... normal people will get these new PS workstations
languagehammer: employees, normal home owners, kids, schools, etc
languagehammer: the eloi's
languagehammer: and the morlocks will still have and buy the PC's, the Mac's, the Linux Box's...
languagehammer: though the iMac is already pretty close to a PS
languagehammer: and look at their popularity grow
languagehammer: if Mac doesn't pull their head outa their ass and try to buy PS real soon, or work some kind of merger like NOW...
Firebindy: yeah but guess what?
languagehammer: PS is gonna smoke em
languagehammer: what?
Firebindy: prices will go up then on the box's and secondly part of the amazing growth to our society
Firebindy: has been the complexity of these "pc's
Firebindy: 12 year olds know more then me
Firebindy: or nearly as much
Firebindy: becvause they have the oppertunity
Firebindy: if its all those things, we will digress again
Firebindy: sorta
languagehammer: hmmmm
languagehammer: thats true
Firebindy: less people will be so knowldgeable about comoputers
languagehammer: hadn't thought of that
Firebindy: see what i mean?
languagehammer: yah
languagehammer: hmm
languagehammer: okay, i refer to my earlier assumption
Firebindy: what?
languagehammer: PS will rise to the forefront
languagehammer: and then it'll be a race to see who gets to the benchmark set by PS first
languagehammer: Mac or Microsoft
languagehammer: coming with all their complexity
languagehammer: but being made to adhere to a new standard with their interfaces
languagehammer: my money's on Mac for the short term because they've been going that direction anyhow
Firebindy: hold on!!!
Firebindy: stupid AIM
Firebindy: i hate the way it wont let me stay up there, but i giuess its for the AOL idiots
Firebindy: they wouldnt KNOW to scroll down.. for real
Firebindy: okay well that sentance just proved your point haha
languagehammer: in the long run though i'm guessing it's gonna be Windows that will combine all the factors into one integrated system
languagehammer: tee hee
languagehammer: well, not windows but microsoft
Firebindy: hehehe
languagehammer: i'm guessing that they're going to ditch the WINDOWS operating system and call it DOORs at that point, or something similar, like PORTAL or something similar.
Firebindy: yup
Firebindy: hmm
languagehammer: but it will take PS to make that jump to make Mac go the extra mile to make MS pull it all together
languagehammer: just cause MS has proven to have that kind of tennacity
languagehammer: and Linux doesn't have the kind of streamlining or organization to keep up
languagehammer: and Mac lacks the diversity
languagehammer: though not the drive
languagehammer: hmmm
Firebindy: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
languagehammer: interesting to think about
Firebindy: close to a PS :-)
languagehammer: hell yea
Firebindy: interactive controls in a "game" like enviroment
Firebindy: only thing missing in these things..
languagehammer: and the new PS is suppose to play DVD's
Firebindy: a keyboard..
Firebindy: and MS Word haha
languagehammer: pretty basic
languagehammer: yup
languagehammer: a mouse
Firebindy: but what about digital camara sales
Firebindy: going through the roof
Firebindy: if people hav PS's not PC's what will they do with there digital camaras?
languagehammer: buy a new one or buy one of the new super-cheap converters PS will come out with to change the formats.
languagehammer: watch computer monitor sales fall through the floor
Firebindy: heh
Firebindy: designering web pages for the TV pallet?
Firebindy: hehe
languagehammer: sure
Firebindy: hmmmmmmmmmm
languagehammer: they build video games on that premise
Firebindy: its mind boggling to think of the possibilities
languagehammer: watch computer monitors sales fall through the floor
languagehammer: tv sales pick up
Firebindy: hehe
languagehammer: and HDtv ROCKET
languagehammer: or Digital TV
languagehammer: LCD tv
Firebindy: whats HD tv? i have heard of it i think
Firebindy: like tivo?
languagehammer: high definition tv
Firebindy: ohh.
languagehammer: like twice or three times the amount of pixels as a normal tv, or something like that
languagehammer: suppose to be able to use them as computer monitors actually
Firebindy: hmmmmmmm
languagehammer: pricey bastards, but really really cool
Firebindy: hehe
languagehammer: amazing resolution rates
languagehammer: truly
languagehammer: CABLE INTERNET
languagehammer: TV
languagehammer: PS
languagehammer: think about it
7:00 pm
which is better??
Red Hat Linux 6.2
6:25 pm
All I want for xmas is a
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] p-133</a>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

All I want for xmas is a <a href=http://www.ussa.com/ussaonline/product.asp?pf%5Fid=100%2D300%2D1000180"Mitsubishi AmiTY CN Mini-Note P-133</a> to write my book on. I'm such a geek I feel weird writting on paper. I would really like to write my book, I have been thinking about it for days.
6:11 pm
geek shit 101
okay so I went to devshed.com and they didnt have anything on ASP so i guess they are like anti asp.... or ratehr anti microsoft.

ASP is being used tons these days and unless you are an elite hacker like brad and wright your own damn markup language then your stuck using someone elses.

I want to buy a little laptop witha few gigs and put personal server on it and write some vbscript and shit and do some little progys to learn and some werking asp pages to learn from scratch all myself, I could do it at werk but i dunno.. I think I am procrastinating, giving myself excuses not to do it, I have been reading, slwoly but I have, I am promising myself to bring my VB and ASP book on the road trip this weekend.

It's not that I am partial to ASP or anything, I have just gotten to apply it and have alot of people around to ask questions at werk so it makes sence to study that for irght now. Eventauly I would like to do a little PHP and JSP just to knwo whats what.

Getting there is the hardest part. I should make this computer into a server shouldnt I???? that would be smart, i need a better chair and some spoftware and REALLY good installation instructions or someone to ask questions of.. I also want to get linux on a syatem one day and run Java web server and do some JSP, not enough time or resources DAMN IT! and what about Direcotr and lingo and intereactive CD-roms and Useing flash and designing my other two web sites out more???? GAD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA BLOW UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

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