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geek shit 101

okay so I went to and they didnt have anything on ASP so i guess they are like anti asp.... or ratehr anti microsoft.

ASP is being used tons these days and unless you are an elite hacker like brad and wright your own damn markup language then your stuck using someone elses.

I want to buy a little laptop witha few gigs and put personal server on it and write some vbscript and shit and do some little progys to learn and some werking asp pages to learn from scratch all myself, I could do it at werk but i dunno.. I think I am procrastinating, giving myself excuses not to do it, I have been reading, slwoly but I have, I am promising myself to bring my VB and ASP book on the road trip this weekend.

It's not that I am partial to ASP or anything, I have just gotten to apply it and have alot of people around to ask questions at werk so it makes sence to study that for irght now. Eventauly I would like to do a little PHP and JSP just to knwo whats what.

Getting there is the hardest part. I should make this computer into a server shouldnt I???? that would be smart, i need a better chair and some spoftware and REALLY good installation instructions or someone to ask questions of.. I also want to get linux on a syatem one day and run Java web server and do some JSP, not enough time or resources DAMN IT! and what about Direcotr and lingo and intereactive CD-roms and Useing flash and designing my other two web sites out more???? GAD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA BLOW UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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