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PC vs PS????

um, it started here. if you want this post to make sense, go and glance at it.

languagehammer: christ, ya know a PS2 is more powerful then my computer?
languagehammer: thats fucked up
languagehammer: watch what happens
languagehammer: PS is where the next generation of computers are going to come from
languagehammer: or actually the people/user/eloi interfaces will come from
languagehammer: the geek-h4xor-morlock's among us will use PC's for development but will in the end have to interface with PS for the masses
languagehammer: watch it happen
languagehammer: it'll be cool that way because the end result will have to have a certain amount of quality control and standardization
languagehammer: what'd it say, that it was coming out with a hard drive and something else?
languagehammer: cd burner?
languagehammer: no, web browsing capabilities
languagehammer: i mean think about it
languagehammer: we are almost an entirely icon based society
languagehammer: from the american flag to the money we use
languagehammer: to the desktop icons we love so much
languagehammer: everything we do is GUI based
languagehammer: it only makes sense that a system geared for GUI interface will surface at the forefront of computer systems
languagehammer: most people don't even want most of the shit that comes with normal PC's
languagehammer: they want it to work like their nintendo
languagehammer: plug it in, turn it on, operate their programs, and not die
languagehammer: they dont' care or want to care what goes on inside
languagehammer: i mean think about it
languagehammer: what do people really want?
languagehammer: they want a central file to store all their files and the ability to organize it
languagehammer: they want to get online
languagehammer: they want to run their MS Office programs or their DVD's, or burn their CD's,
Firebindy: small and compact
languagehammer: they want to chat
languagehammer: but thats it
Firebindy: and 100% comercialized
languagehammer: yup
Firebindy: nothing to "geeky"
languagehammer: chat-email-movies-mp3's-shopping
languagehammer: word processing
languagehammer: correction document processing
languagehammer: thats it
languagehammer: they don't want to give a shit how they connect to the internet, only that they do and that it's fast
Firebindy: and look at few keys it has
Firebindy: i bet its easier to figure out then windowz
languagehammer: absolutely
languagehammer: watch what happens
languagehammer: PS comes to the forefront as the unseen competitor
Firebindy: kick ass
languagehammer: three years later MS finally becomes competitive
languagehammer: and combines the best of the two
Firebindy: *beavis laugh*
languagehammer: linux geeks are gonna kill themselves over it across the country
Firebindy: why>?
languagehammer: as if windows wasn't simple and confining enough
languagehammer: PS is gonna make DOS look like something supercomplex
languagehammer: the way DOS makes Linux look supercomplex
languagehammer: when linux is finally about to surface as a feasable alternative to Windows for user usability...
languagehammer: here will come PS
languagehammer: and knock it back where it started
languagehammer: i mean running windows with Norton Utilities... i NEVER EVER crash anymore
languagehammer: it's become a completely stable OS
languagehammer: i can download and install and remove all the software i want without worry of file corruption
languagehammer: no leaks, no nothin, totally stable
languagehammer: perfectly good OS with that piece of software
languagehammer: but it NEEDS that to operate correctly
Firebindy: hmm
languagehammer: it's strange
languagehammer: haven't gotten on linux in like two weeks or something like that
languagehammer: and i was all stoked about it at the time
languagehammer: and now i'm finding that it's really no better then windows
languagehammer: it just happens to hold the high ground in the morality factor
languagehammer: because there aren't any secrets in linux, everything is open source
Firebindy: hahaha
Firebindy: and its free if you wanna run a server
languagehammer: right
languagehammer: but if you know that there are cracks for all the software out there
languagehammer: all of a sudden all the windows programs become free too
languagehammer: see what i mean?
languagehammer: linux just lost it's high ground
Firebindy: hey i had a thought
languagehammer: and useability still isn't all that hot
languagehammer: what is it?
Firebindy: like the way direcotrs and producers make moveis, we dont have that shit, we have a VCR, a dumbed down version of a editing system and a tv, a dumbed down version of the bi screen
Firebindy: PS ia a dumbed down version
Firebindy: of a computrers
languagehammer: DING DING DING
Firebindy: in the same way
Firebindy: both in the enterrtainment industry
languagehammer: give that girl sixty four silver dollars
Firebindy: peaople watch the discover channel to learn
Firebindy: people tune into MTV to dance
languagehammer: thats it
languagehammer: exactly
Firebindy: people click on CNN..com tl learn
Firebindy: people lcick on heavy.com to laugh
languagehammer: go to Kosmo to get all that other crap...
languagehammer: thats it exactly
languagehammer: and if we were smart, you and i, we'd be learning ALL we could RIGHT NOW about 3d modeling and PS operating systems
languagehammer: people want product, not process
languagehammer: eloi vs. morlock
Firebindy: 3d modeling?
Firebindy: *sigh* another thing to ad to my list
languagehammer: thats what PS relies most heavily on
Firebindy: true
languagehammer: and any kind of GUI of the future is going to rely heavily on it
Firebindy: ya really think so?
languagehammer: and thus the PS
languagehammer: sure
languagehammer: anytime you see a movie or a tv program about the future, how do they show us interfacing with computers?
languagehammer: using some kind of 3d modeling
Firebindy: touch screens
languagehammer: look at star trek
languagehammer: and their holo decks
languagehammer: interactive 3d modeling
languagehammer: touch screens
languagehammer: johnny neumonic/virtual reality
languagehammer: touch screens = palm pilot tech
languagehammer: dynamic interfaces
languagehammer: see what i mean?
Firebindy: oh geez...
Firebindy: i have been saying that abouw e-commerce for ages
languagehammer: we've got an entire society that is completely used to the computers of the future having that kind of interface tech as a matter of course
languagehammer: not something that comes as a specialty item
Firebindy: my order has been shipped!
languagehammer: coo dat
languagehammer: thanks
languagehammer: i could go on for a long time i think
languagehammer: heh heh
Firebindy: go on what?
languagehammer: keep talkin about it
Firebindy: oh no please do me to me to!
languagehammer: cool
Firebindy: i just got an email iw as excited :-)
Firebindy: keep tlakin PLEASE!
languagehammer: rad
languagehammer: well to continue then
Firebindy: i think it would be cool if we had holo dekcks one day
languagehammer: okay, think about it... what is the latest software that has come out for web design that's just hot shit in all the web industry and design companies right now?
Firebindy: macromedia flashhhhhh
languagehammer: ding ding ding
Firebindy: even though its not really that hot.. i mean not as hot as they play it
languagehammer: you get a cupie dall
languagehammer: no, it's not
Firebindy: director kicks it ass. well sorta
languagehammer: but its what people are wanting that kind of product on their web pages these days
Firebindy: yeah
languagehammer: the transition to 3d modeling is already happening
Firebindy: oh yah they have alot of kids that do it at the Art Institute of Atlanta
languagehammer: hell yeah
Firebindy: you would get to do 3dmax and maya all the damn time
languagehammer: well it's only half a step away from what PS is using for their modeling processes
languagehammer: when making their games an stuff
languagehammer: which aren't anything more then interfaces constantly in flux
languagehammer: so heres whats going to happen... normal people will get these new PS workstations
languagehammer: employees, normal home owners, kids, schools, etc
languagehammer: the eloi's
languagehammer: and the morlocks will still have and buy the PC's, the Mac's, the Linux Box's...
languagehammer: though the iMac is already pretty close to a PS
languagehammer: and look at their popularity grow
languagehammer: if Mac doesn't pull their head outa their ass and try to buy PS real soon, or work some kind of merger like NOW...
Firebindy: yeah but guess what?
languagehammer: PS is gonna smoke em
languagehammer: what?
Firebindy: prices will go up then on the box's and secondly part of the amazing growth to our society
Firebindy: has been the complexity of these "pc's
Firebindy: 12 year olds know more then me
Firebindy: or nearly as much
Firebindy: becvause they have the oppertunity
Firebindy: if its all those things, we will digress again
Firebindy: sorta
languagehammer: hmmmm
languagehammer: thats true
Firebindy: less people will be so knowldgeable about comoputers
languagehammer: hadn't thought of that
Firebindy: see what i mean?
languagehammer: yah
languagehammer: hmm
languagehammer: okay, i refer to my earlier assumption
Firebindy: what?
languagehammer: PS will rise to the forefront
languagehammer: and then it'll be a race to see who gets to the benchmark set by PS first
languagehammer: Mac or Microsoft
languagehammer: coming with all their complexity
languagehammer: but being made to adhere to a new standard with their interfaces
languagehammer: my money's on Mac for the short term because they've been going that direction anyhow
Firebindy: hold on!!!
Firebindy: stupid AIM
Firebindy: i hate the way it wont let me stay up there, but i giuess its for the AOL idiots
Firebindy: they wouldnt KNOW to scroll down.. for real
Firebindy: okay well that sentance just proved your point haha
languagehammer: in the long run though i'm guessing it's gonna be Windows that will combine all the factors into one integrated system
languagehammer: tee hee
languagehammer: well, not windows but microsoft
Firebindy: hehehe
languagehammer: i'm guessing that they're going to ditch the WINDOWS operating system and call it DOORs at that point, or something similar, like PORTAL or something similar.
Firebindy: yup
Firebindy: hmm
languagehammer: but it will take PS to make that jump to make Mac go the extra mile to make MS pull it all together
languagehammer: just cause MS has proven to have that kind of tennacity
languagehammer: and Linux doesn't have the kind of streamlining or organization to keep up
languagehammer: and Mac lacks the diversity
languagehammer: though not the drive
languagehammer: hmmm
Firebindy: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
languagehammer: interesting to think about
Firebindy: close to a PS :-)
languagehammer: hell yea
Firebindy: interactive controls in a "game" like enviroment
Firebindy: only thing missing in these things..
languagehammer: and the new PS is suppose to play DVD's
Firebindy: a keyboard..
Firebindy: and MS Word haha
languagehammer: pretty basic
languagehammer: yup
languagehammer: a mouse
Firebindy: but what about digital camara sales
Firebindy: going through the roof
Firebindy: if people hav PS's not PC's what will they do with there digital camaras?
languagehammer: buy a new one or buy one of the new super-cheap converters PS will come out with to change the formats.
languagehammer: watch computer monitor sales fall through the floor
Firebindy: heh
Firebindy: designering web pages for the TV pallet?
Firebindy: hehe
languagehammer: sure
Firebindy: hmmmmmmmmmm
languagehammer: they build video games on that premise
Firebindy: its mind boggling to think of the possibilities
languagehammer: watch computer monitors sales fall through the floor
languagehammer: tv sales pick up
Firebindy: hehe
languagehammer: and HDtv ROCKET
languagehammer: or Digital TV
languagehammer: LCD tv
Firebindy: whats HD tv? i have heard of it i think
Firebindy: like tivo?
languagehammer: high definition tv
Firebindy: ohh.
languagehammer: like twice or three times the amount of pixels as a normal tv, or something like that
languagehammer: suppose to be able to use them as computer monitors actually
Firebindy: hmmmmmmm
languagehammer: pricey bastards, but really really cool
Firebindy: hehe
languagehammer: amazing resolution rates
languagehammer: truly
languagehammer: CABLE INTERNET
languagehammer: TV
languagehammer: PS
languagehammer: think about it
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