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Retro Style Arcade Graphics - ordered the book yesterday. Attempted to make my first one last night. Relized my home PC can kiss my ass,

After talking to my father decided that getting a new computer is not doing anything terribly drastic, decided whatever new car I get I will be happy it's new, maybe get a 2000 beetle or a 2001 civic again, LX with a CD player and a 2 door to sport my sporty side. Nothing to radical or out there. Just safe and new. I think I'm making good desicions. An EX with a sunroof woulda been spoiling myself to much and not allowing for extra cash flow to save. Now I have been talking about a new car for MONTHS but I will get a new one before June, I hope. Cause that is when the lease is up. I think I will tell my dad to put his cars back in the paper again. So.... (our mail server is down and I can't check my email to get the changes I need to make to a site I am working on so that's why I'm bored!)

so.... I am going to tear the guts out of my old one (a CD burner and a new modem) and get a new one built at some small store. Anyone reccomend anyone in atlanta?

How much is windows 2000 I wonder. I don't think I could tolerate developing on ME. I can't wait to start specing it out. 256mb Ram for certin, 20 to 40 gigs. fastest single proccessor availible (to cheap to go dual) Read some scatchy stuff about the K6 chips so I may have to go pentium, least I know it's standard and compatible with shit I will use. I dont need a monitor.Don't need a zip, I have an external. Maybe if I got a new modem I could turn my current machine into a server and run linux... hrmmm interesting thought...I would need an external win modem to do that anyways, and I could buy a cheap as CD-rom drive...
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